The next Wolrd Congress 2012

More than nine years ago we established the World Congress on Preventive and Regenerative Medicine (WCPRM) as the only event addressing the entire sector of regenerative medicine.

This provides the one and only complete program for global experts, as we had recognized that such a platform was missing. The World Congress on Preventive and Regenerative Medicine (WCPRM) is being backed by the World Federation Preventive & Regenerative Medicine(WF-PRM) and will thus continue to be the most extensive event reflecting the world wide state of the art in preventive and regenerative medicine. This time, we will combine preventive with regenerative medicine, as these two areas may be the two sides of the same coin: Prevention and Regeneration. We`ve recognized the synergy between these two fields and are convinced that the integration into one another will be fruitful for theis future development.

The World Congress will also include exhibitions on preventive and regenerative medicine - related both to consumer needs and to industrial products. Bionicor Innovations GmbH and Robert Schrödel are founding members of WCPRM, WF-PRM, WVI-PRM.